The largest funding platform for creative projects in the world, recently accepted and launched ‘Armenian Monument’. Produced by 30 year old animator, Alex Nisanian, the project is the first complete iPhone app on genocide recognition. Having designed all the graphics necessary for the app, Nisanian is now looking for public support to bring the design to function and give the iPhone application away for free.

Aside from being a tool to inform and educate new generations, ‘Armenian Monument’ is designed to promote action from the community. When pressing issues regarding politics arise, there will be a ‘Call to Action” feature allowing users to locate and contact their local congressman, ‘Refer a Friend’ to tell 2 people about the app, and a ‘Latest News’ section which give users the ability to submit stories, allowing every citizen to be an active journalist.

The project will have 40 days to gather the $3,500 necessary to develop all features. Kickstarter works with micro donations and in return, you are given rewards. Such rewards include commemorative shirts, stickers, and ‘Contributor’ placements within the app and blog.

Kickstarter project ends Feb 27, and Nisanian is working to have it available at the App Store by April 24, the commemoration date of the Genocide.

Kickstarter Project Link