The Kickstarter project to fund ‘Genocide Monument’ received a total of $4,000 from 62 backers all over the world. The production of the iPhone app is currently under way with Tigran and Asatur from Zanazan Systems.

The success of the grassroots effort was due mainly to a huge momentum which started roughly 2 weeks before the deadline. First Allen Yekikian’s article in Asbarez went live, then a TV spot on Horizon followed by an article in IanYan Magazine put the project over the top to get 114% funded.

I am now working with the developers to get a first version tested by March 25. This gives us about a month to go through the app store process. As to why I changed the name from ‘Armenian Monument’ to ‘Genocide Monument’ is because this app is to keep vigilance on current genocides as well. I’m using the unrecognized Armenian Genocide of 1915 as a reason to keep watch on all curent ones so that they don’t continue unnoticed. That’s why the name changed to encompass all genocides.

All updates to the app’s progress will be posted here as well as on the ‘Genocide Monument’ Facebook page.