PNA-The “Anfal Barzanies” in today’s meeting (3 May) of the supreme court of the Iraqi crime as genocide and crime against humanity were recognized

“Ayad kakaee “, the lawyer s file member of “Anfal Barzanies” said to Peyamner News: the Supreme Court of crimes, today (Tuesday) was held by judge “Aso Mohammad” and final judgment issued in the “Anfal Barzanies “file

He added: the court by article 11 and 12 law,”Anfal Barzanies” announced as Genocide and Crime against humanity and the defendants were sentenced.

The following people were known as guilty in court:

1.Sadon Shaker Mahmud, that in 1983 was responsible in Baath regime in governmentally ministry post when disappeared Barzani Kurds. He according to article 11 of law (Genocide) were sentenced to Death and according to article 12 (Crime against humanity and) total to 32 years in prison

2.Hekamt Mazban Ibrahim, deputy prime minister and finance minister Baath regime in 1983, according to article 12 ,were sentenced to life imprisonment

3.Hamed Yosef Hemadi, secretary -time “Saddam Hussein” ,Iraqi deposed dictator according to article 12 were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

4.Taregh Aziz ,the member of revaluation and the regional leadership council according to 11 to life imprisonment and according to article 12 totally to prison to 32 years

5. Sofiyan Maher Hassan, the Presidential guard officer in 1983 that he has had an active arrest for Barzanies, were sentenced according to article 11 to life imprisonment and to article 12 to prison to 7 years

Ayad kakaee also added:”Vatban ibarhim Hassan “the half brother of Saddam Hussein was the other defendants in this case, because the evidence was not available to prove his involvement for Barzanies genocide ,was released on court order.

The former Baath Regime, from 30 July until 1 September 1983, during operation as “Anfal”, more than 8 thousand people living in the Barzan region and Barzanies massacred and was buried in mass graves .

Source: IdeaResult