Ahmet Turk2ISTANBUL — A Kurdish independent MP has extended apologies to the Armenian nation on behalf of his ancestors who took part in the 1915 anti-Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire.
“We – as their sons, children and grandchildren – ask for forgiveness,” Agos quoted Ahmet Turk, an MP elected from the Mardin Province, as saying
He reportedly called upon the Turkish state to follow suit and apologize to the Armenians, Assyrians and Yezidis.
Noting that the Armenians suffered a big grief in 1915, Turk said his nation was used as a tool for committing the massacre against the ethnic minorities residing in the Ottoman Empire.
“The Armenians saw much grief in 1915. And the Kurds too, have their share [of guilt] in that. Our grandfathers and fathers were used for [fighting] against both the Armenians, and Assyrians, as well as the Yezidis. We today – as their children and grandchildren – apologize to them. Receiving apologies is important to my mind. If those events happened before our republic came into existence, what obstacles are there?” he said.

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