NEW YORK — Armenian-American attorney Mark Geragos voiced about the Turkish strategy of the Armenian Genocide denial and the double standards policy of the United States onn this issue during CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 program this week.

The panelist on the program were unanimous to condemn the policy adopted by Iran regarding the Holocaust of the Jewish people by Nazis. Mark Geragos reminded the interlocutors that the United States conduct similar policy in the Armenian Genocide issue, which was followed by the other genocides of the 20th century. Among other things Mark Geragos underscored: “Turkey is our greatest ally in that region. But Turkey denies the Armenian Genocide. As a presidential candidate Barack Obama stated that he will recognize the Armenian Genocide, if he is elected. So in my opinion the political dynamics in this issue is a little bit hypocritical.”

Mark John Geragos (born October 5, 1957) is an Armenian-American criminal defense lawyer as the Principal with the internationally known trial lawyer firm of Geragos Geragos, Mark Geragos cemented his national reputation as a trial lawyer a dozen years ago with back-to-back State and Federal Court jury trial acquittals for renowned Whitewater figure Susan McDougal, later securing a presidential pardon for Ms. McDougal for a conviction sustained prior to his representation of her.

Geragos was one of the lead lawyers in a pair of groundbreaking Federal Class Action Lawsuits against New York Life Insurance and AXA Corporation for insurance policies issued in the early 20th century during the genocide of over 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turk Regime, eventually settling these two cases for more than $37.5 million. He is currently suing the Government of Turkey for reparations arising out of the Armenian Genocide.

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