YEREVAN — Eiva Arts Foundation launched the initiative “100 Years, 100 Arts” that aims to collect pieces of arts of the Armenian artists from Armenia and Diaspora in one place.

According to the organizers, 2015 is a sensitive year for Armenia: a year of remembering the victims of the Armenian Genocide, a year of fostering the global recognition of the Genocide as well as celebrating the rise and renaissance of the Armenian nation.

The power of art is undeniable and artworks are eternal. Therefore, Eiva Arts Foundation is determined to contribute to the global recognition of the Armenian Genocide through the medium of the most powerful tool of visual media.

Genocide theme has always had its special place in the artworks of the Armenian masters of different generations. Great Armenian artists, such as Arshile Gorky, Grigor Khanjian, Hakob Hakobian, Minas Avetisian, Zhansem, Eduard Isabekian and many Armenian artists upheaved from their homes created artworks dedicated to the Armenian Genocide thus contributing to the promotion of the global acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide fact.

Many of these artworks have been publicly presented and even more of them have been hidden from public eye.

The goal of the “100 Years, 100 Arts” project is to take the alternative, aesthetic and cultural approach to foster the recognition of the Armenian Genocide worldwide through the medium of gathering, presenting and archiving 100 pieces of arts of the Armenian artists from Armenia and Diaspora dedicated to the Armenian Genocide.
The project output will foster the worldwide recognition of the Armenian Genocide through gathering and archiving the art pieces of the Armenian artists who covered the Genocide theme in their art.

The art pieces of “100 Years, 100 arts” project are intended to be gathered at a website, catalog and public art installation creating sustainable resources for raising the global awareness on the fact of the Armenian Genocide.

The funding generated by this crowd-funding campaign will be allocated to the creations of the website as well as will co-fund the publication part of the project.

Eiva Arts Foundation was established in 2012 in Yerevan with the mission to practice social art as a tool of raising public awareness of current social issues and contributing to the creation of the alternative content as a new form of information sharing and educational resource. The projects implemented by the foundation are directed to the fulfillment of the mission of the organization.

In order to get support for the implementation of the initiative, the organizers now present it on “Indiegog” crowd funding platform.

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