ISTANBUL — The April issue of the Turkish newspaper Evrensel Kültür is entirely dedicated to the Armenian Genocide centennial. The edition will examine the century-old pain and shame through the scope of culture, history and arts, reports citing Turkish website Evrensel.

The magazine will feature articles by prominent journalists and writers that present the emptiness caused by Armenians’ absence, as well as articles about Armenians’ input in different fields. Philologist Necmiye Alpay, in particular, will present the role of Armenian scholars in the field of linguistics.

Other articles will be dedicated to Armenian masters in Turkish cinematography, theatre, the Armenian music, the image of Armenians in Turkish fiction and the perceptions on the Armenian Genocide.

A special feature will present the story of “The 20 Gallows” memories by Armenian clergyman Galust Boghosian who witnessed the execution of 20 members of Hunchakian party. The book was first printed in Armenian in 1921, and Evrensel publishing house plans to issue the book in Turkish.

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