Major International Newspaper Editorials and Articles Urging US and International Affirmation of the Armenian Genocide

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The Huffington Post: 4-17-2015 Stefan Ihrig – Denial of the Armenian Genocide Is Brutalizing the World

The New York Times: 4-17-2015 Editorial – Turkey’s Willful Amnesia

Financial Times: 4-17-2015 David Gardner – Armenia’s genocide: death and denial

The Guardian: 4-16-2015 Ian Black – The Armenian genocide – the Guardian briefing

The New York Times: 4-16-2015 Tim Arango – A Century After Armenian Genocide, Turkey’s Denial Only Deepens

The Washington Post: 4-15-2015 Jeffrey Salkin – Why the Armenian genocide holds a lesson for Jews

Los Angeles Times: 4-14-2015 Editorial – U.S. should call Armenian genocide by its name

International Business Times: 4-13-2015 Simon Heffer – Kim Kardashian and Pope Francis left Turkey in PR disaster over Armenian genocide

The Jerusalem Post: 4-13-2015 Editorial – Israel should recognize the Armenian Genocide

New York Daily News: 4-13-2015 Editorial – The true name of evil: The Pope rightly calls Armenian killings genocide

The Denver Post: 4-13-2015 Editorial – Speaking the truth on genocide

The Huffington Post: 4-11-2015 James Zogby – Acknowledging the Armenian Genocide

The Jerusalem Post: 4-7-2015 Opinion – Lessons not learned: The Armenian genocide


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