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Armenian Genocide Bill Sponsor in France Reports Death Threats


PARIS — The main author of a French bill criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide claimed to have received death threats after her website was apparently hacked by angry Turkish nationalists on Sunday. Read more

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Three Generations, Three Visions, One Destiny


By Harut Der-Tavitian

When my father, Kevork Der-Tavitian, joined us in Los Angeles in 1990, he wanted to plant fruit trees in my backyard. Despite his advanced age, he toiled tirelessly to achieve this task as soon as possible. One day, when we were taking a break from our hard work, I told him that I’m impatient to see the day that the trees will grow and bear fruit so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. Reading my mind, he replied that he might not see that day, but nevertheless he said: “My heart is full of joy even today, with the vision of that future day.” My father passed away in 2000, but with every delicious fruit that our family members and friends enjoy, we remember him, his legacy and his vision. Read more

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French Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy: Armenians Were Victims of a Methodic Attempt at Annihilation


“The law whose purpose is to penalize negationist revisionism, voted before Christmas by the French parliament, does not propose to write history in the place of historians. And this for the simple reason that this history has been told and written, well written, for a long time,” French philosopher and writer Bernard-Henri Lévy writes in an article published in The Huffington Post. Read more

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Franz Werfel Stamp Issued by Raoul Wallenberg Foundation


The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation is dedicated to develop educational programs and public awareness campaigns on the Saviors of the Holocaust. It is named after Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg missing since January 1945 after saving the lives of tens of thousands of Jews and other persecuted during World War II.. Read more

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How Will the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Represent Genocide?


Statement by the International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Issues (A Division of the Zoryan Institute) on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

TORONTO — The International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (A Division of the Zoryan Institute) (“IIGHRS-Zoryan”) was invited to a public gathering in Winnipeg by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (“CMHR”) in April 2003, after an initial meeting with Gail Asper in Toronto. As a Canadian institution, we lent our name publicly in support of the CMHR at an early stage. Read more

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French Senate to Speed Up Vote on Armenian Genocide Bill


Aznavour and Other Intellectuals Call for Passage of the Bill

PARIS — French media reports say France’s upper house of parliament will vote this month on a bill to criminalize the denial of an Armenian Genocide, at the risk of incurring further sanctions from Turkey. Read more

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S.D.Hunchakian Party Central Committee New Year’s Message


As 2011 becomes history, the world welcomes the New Year with new hopes and expectations along with the wish that the upcoming year will create better conditions for peaceful coexistence between nations and its peoples for a brighter future. Read more

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Why it is Important to Say ‘We All are Armenians’


By Alin Ozinian*

Being an Armenian in Turkey is tough. The act of “being invisible” turns into a habit which becomes instinctual, instead of being a response to circumstances in which being an Armenian may cause a problem. Read more

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Taner Akcam: Let Hrant be Our Martin Luther King

ISTANBUL — “Hrant Dink was murdered in order to avenge Talat Pasha’s murder,” Turkish historian and sociologist, Prof. Taner Akcam wrote in an article published in the Taraf newspaper.
“Everything, and I mean everything, was organized in a way to seek revenge for the assassination that occurred in 1921. Upon his release after serving time in prison for his role in the McDonalds bombing of 2004 in Trabzon, Yasin Hayal, the person who planned Hrant’s murder, spoke about Talat Pasha with his father. He asked his father, “Dad, do you know how Talat Pasha was killed?” Yasin Hayal himself knew a thing or two about it, and added, “Did you know that the man who killed Talat Pasha was never punished, and that he was released?”
“They killed him in front of Agos, on the street, in broad daylight, with a bullet to the back of his head. Why? Because through Hrant, they wanted to take Talat Pasha’s revenge from the Armenians. Talat Pasha was murdered by Soghoman Tehlirian, a survivor of the genocide, in Berlin on March 15, 1921. Tehlirian approached Talat Pasha from behind and shot him in the head. On June 3, after a two-day trial, the assassin was found not guilty of murder,” Akcam wrote.
“Let Hrant Dink be our symbol. Let him be our Martin Luther King. If they want to lock arms around Rauf Denktas and Talat Pasha, then let us form a tight circle around Hrant. Let Hrant and “1.5 million +1” be the thing that separates our republic from their republic,”the Professor concluded.

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ACA Board Member Chris K. Garsevanian with Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom

SAN DIEGO, CA – A delegation of members from the Armenian Council of America (ACA) and Gaidz Youth Organization (GYO) took part in the California Democratic Party Convention held at the San Diego Hilton Bay Front Hotel and San Diego Convention Center, Feb. 10 – 12. Read more

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