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Turks in Istanbul commemorate 1915 killings of Armenians

Human rights activists and artists in Istanbul commemorated the 1915-17 killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks for the first time Saturday, breaking with a near century-old Turkish taboo.

The Istanbul branch of the Human Rights Association, or İHD, organized a rally attended by about 100 people on the steps of the Haydarpaşa train station from where the first convoy of 220 deported Armenians left on April 24, 1915.

Under the slogan “Never Again” and the watchful eye of the police, demonstrators carried black and white photos of some of the deportees, most of whom never returned….

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Heroes of Genocide: Aglune Tatoulian

Tatoulian dressed in men's fatigues

Aglune Tatoulian.

During The Armenian Genocide, she shaved off her hair and dressed herself up in men’s fatigues in order to protect herself and to defend her city that was being raped and pillaged by Turks. She was shot in her left rib, and lived with that bullet inside of her for 67 years. 35,000 people were massacred in the city of Hadjin. She was 1 out of the 9 women that survived Hadjin’s massacres in 1920.

Ankara Conference Back on Schedule

The symposium on the Armenian Genocide in Ankara was supposed to be held on April 24-25, but was  canceled earlier this week due to political tension with finding a venue. The organizers are now saying the conference will take place as scheduled.

Dedicated to the memory of Hrant Dink, the symposium will comprise of four sessions: a) the Armenian Genocide from a historical perspective, b) official ideological denial from the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) to Kemalism, c) Turkification of the Economy and the issue of the confiscated Armenian Property, and d) what needs to be done and how?

Participants include publishers, authors, writers, activists, historians and professors. It is not clear at this point if those scheduled to attend, will be able to make it to the conference on such short notice.

Genocide Billboards Across Los Angeles

Starting this week, eight Genocide billboards are drawing attention throughout Los Angeles with the message, “truth will triumpth.” The billboards are sponsored by Los Angeles businessman  and owner of the apparel manufacturer RoarUSA, Deepak Vasandani. The inspiration for Vasandani’s efforts came from a dinner conversation with business colleagues and friends Hovig Khaloian and Rafi Ekmekian.

“Deepak is an exceptional human being with an extraordinary vision and an unconventional approach to tackling complex issues,” said Khaloian.  “His determination and commitment to corporate social responsibility is  admirable and it is an example that should be followed by others.”

The billboards are located at La Cienega & Whitworth, Western & Lexington, Westwood & Santa Monica, Topanga Canyon & Schoolcraft, Roscoe & Reseda, Santa Monica & Western, and Sepulveda & Lucerne.

A Call to Action: UYA to March Once Again

It’s that time of the year when Unified Young Armenians (UYA) urges everyone, Armenian and non-Armenian, to participate in all events commemorating the Armenian Genocide.

This month, UYA will be holding two events. The first one will be held on April 23, 2010, at 8:30 pm in the lot across from Glendale Community College. There will be a youth rally, candlelight vigil, musical performances, and speeches.

In addition, as every year, UYA will be holding the April 24, 2010 march in Little Armenia, Hollywood, which throughout the years has grown to be the largest event commemorating the Armenian Genocide in the Diaspora. From UYA’s website: “On this 95th year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, thousands will protest the ongoing denial by the Turkish regime and will remind President Obama that American leadership should not be caving in to the Turkish pressures.”

Armenains in Sidney Demand Genocide Recognition at Turkish Consulate

The Turkish government’s ongoing denials of the Armenian Genocide was met head on over the weekend by more than 500 Australian Armenians.

The demonstrators were joined by Sydney’s Assyrian and Greek communities. But before long, this group was met with opposition from Australia’s Turkish population. Nearly 100 Police officers were on the scene to contain the opposing mob from clashing into the Armenians.

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'Genocide Monument'

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